Planning & Zoning Clerk

EvaDawn Bashaw
9 Day Street
Fredonia, NY 14063
Phone:716-672-6888 x7

The Planning and Zoning Clerk does not have set, scheduled hours. Please call the number above and leave a voice message and your call will be returned.

Pomfret Zoning Map


Zoning -Special Use Permit Application


Zoning- Use Variance Application


Zoning- Area Variance Application


Local Law # 2 of 2016-Solar


Pomfret Zoning Code

This PDF contains the documentation for the zoning code for the town of Pomfret.

Download "Pomfret Zoning Code.pdf"

Pomfret Zoning Board

David Fridmann-Chairman
Robert Reuther
Michaelene Comerford
Matthew Estep
Raymond Lewandowski     
Ruth Eckstrom              

-The Zoning Board of Appeals shall act in strict accordance with procedures specified by Law and the Town of Pomfret Zoning Law.
The major duties of the Board shall be to hear and decide on variance requests as well as interpret the meaning of the Town Zoning Law as requested.
Additionally, they shall hear requests for selected Special Use Permits when a Variance (Use or Area) is also requested.

Pomfret Planning Board

James Joy-Chairman
Rob Smith
Heather Lesch
Janet Szymanski
Travis Eckstrom

-The Town Planning Board shall have the following duties with respect to the Town of Pomfret Zoning Law:
   A:  Recommendations
       1.  Optional Recommendations - The Town Planning
            Board shall submit reports within thirty (30) days
            after referral on any "optional" matter referred
            to  it, with respect to the Town of Pomfret Zoning
       2.  Mandatory Recommendations - The Town Planning
            Board shall submit recommendations to the
            appropriate Board on all applications for:
               a.  all Special Use Permits under the jurisdiction
                    of the Municipal Board;
               b.  any Special Use Permits which the Zoning
                    Board of Appeals chooses to refer to the
                    Planning Board; and
               c.  Zoning Amendments
  B.  Review of the Zoning Law - To review the Zoning
       Laws at least every five (5) years and make
       written recommendations for amendments,
       should they be necessary.